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This is a terrible idea. The security risks alone are enough to make me hesitate. The idea of keeping all your secrets in one spot is a security nightmare. My only consolation is that if they are able to get this deep into my computer, then we’re screwed anyways. This week was not uneventful, and yet I feel restless. Perhaps it’s because I’ve stayed in the safehouse for so long. I do my best work when I’m alone, and with recent events, my best work is what ND needs.

I need to devise a better way for our agents to securely communicate with headquarters. Several agents have had to go dark, and that is never fun for those of us left worrying about their fates. Hopefully, this will allow them to securely communicate without compromising their cover.

Electronic delivery is never the safest option, but a dead drop is vulnerable to onlookers. I think the best way may be a combination of both. A cipher combined with a short range RFID transmitter might provide both ease of access and the security necessary for covert communication.

Choosing the right cipher is essential. Almost all substitution ciphers are worthless with today’s brute force technology. A cipher based on the periodic table might work well. It works well because of the diversity in choosing how to spell something. The only trouble would be the limited vocabulary, but that is something we could work around.

The implementation would be simple enough. Create a network of “hotspots” around the city that would automatically sync with a passing RFID transmitter. It would also be easy to teach agents how to use. Simply turn it on, and walk by a hotspot to transmit the data. The problem would be recovery.

Hardlines are hardly an efficient solution. WiFi transmission pose the same risks as all other wireless transmissions. The most secure would be to have an agent collect data daily from the hotspots. I’ll need to discuss with Hare the most efficient method of data collection. I suspect it would be easiest to have hotspots near a safehouse and have the housekeepers collect the data.

This need for extra security was brought on by Bluebird’s recent disappearance. Thankfully the rescue mission was a success with the help of VA. Since when was Bluebird that important to VA that they’d risk manpower to ensure her safety? She must have gotten Lynx emotionally attached to her, a great achievement for any operative. I should try to get her in for a debrief, but I’m not sure she can get away from Lynx.

Fenix and Bobcat have also been disappearing. Getting in contact with them should be a top priority, especially Fenix. I hope she’s safe wherever she is. I still don’t understand what a girl like her is doing with an organization like ours, but I’m grateful. I’ll do everything in my power to ensure that the TW never know what she’s doing.

All this information crammed into a document that doesn’t even take up 10 kb of space. I’ll just have to hope I buried it deep enough that no one will see it.

Until the next time I’m feeling particularly risky,
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